The Irish Folk Festival ‘Great Escape’ Tour (2017) – Reviews

“Emma Langford… does not belong to the mainstream of Irish culture. With her expressive voice, she reflects the presence of this Green Island and creates with her Irish soul a music that people can cling to” – Suedkurier
“The evening opened [with] the young singer Emma Langford from Limerick with beguiling voice to plucked guitar accompaniment. She sings about growing up, her own mistakes and the pitfalls of love. Delicate ballads like “Tug o’ War” and “All You Want” show her as a seeker who has to make mistakes to find her place in life. So personal the lyrics, so bewitching her soft voice, expressing at the same time joy and sorrow… And perfectly mimics a trumpet!” – Algemeine Zeitung
“Guitarist and songwriter Emma Langford could be described as a gentle warrior. The texts: socially critical. The voice: angelic.” – Radio Celtic Sounds
“The singer from Limerick… published her first album a month ago and is well on the way to making a career. Her songs are not cheerful, a ballad self-ironically heralds as a “dance song”, but they have depth, and their interpreter voice and charisma.” – Weser Kurier
“Emma Langford was the first on stage. Young and talented, she sang of a modern Ireland. In the homeland, the singer-songwriter has gained a high reputation with socially critical lyrics. In Selb she conquered her audience by storm and received thunderous applause.” – Frankenpost, Selb
Emma Langford enchants the audience with her warm, clear voice, accompanying herself only with the guitar. A spell that may even have been due to the townhouse: “It looks a bit like Hogwarts here,” says the Irish singer’ – Langenberg,

Irish Press Quotes & Reviews

A beguiling, distinctive voice and a keen ear for a quirky melody, the young Limerick singer-songwriter seems to have arrived fully-formed on this debut” – Hot Press

“The emotional weight of her vocal delivery is astounding… Emma Langford has confidently laid out ten reasons why she has the creative edge needed to stand out from the rest.” – Golden Plec

Music that weaves a spell as you listen to it… [An] enduring piece of work.” – The Irish Times

Emma Langford’s voice sounds like that of a nightingale, except that the birds can not play the guitar.” – Badische Zeitung, German Press

A songwriter of great depth and personal soul searching and a voice to match.” – RTÉ Lyric FM

“Underneath that zealous surface, Langford can innately approach sombre pieces with darker undertones and add the cherry on top with an assuring, melodic falsetto.” – The Limerick Leader

Once it ends there is nothing left to do but sit back and say “Wow”. To cross-over so many genres with such ease, from jazz to soul to folk, tie them all together as if they were the one, and write such competent poetry into them is a joy to experience as a music fan.” – Remy
“It’s always so reaffirming and a source of great joy when an artist is just as good if not better live than they are recorded. Langford played a beauty of a set, just her and her guitar, she has such a wonderful vocal range, and her songs have meaning. For her second last song of the night she did an improvised effect with her mouth that was fascinating, somehow imitating a jazz brass sound” – Remy