Emma Langford new single ‘Closed Book’ from forthcoming debut album, Quiet Giant.

closed book
Closed Book is the single from Emma Langford’s forthcoming debut album, Quiet Giant.

“Closed Book”, the new single from Emma Langford’s debut album Quiet Giant, is a dark, bold and boisterous anthem, differing from the easy-listening ambience of much of Langford’s work. The track displays exciting hints of dance, folk and rockabilly. 

“Lyrically, the song is a middle-finger to the guy who goes about their day so caught up in their own self-importance that they never fully appreciate the world around them; blind to the beauty of the small things, and the kindness of the people surrounding them,” Emma tells me.

The video features Emma taking a journey through her beloved home city Limerick, meeting a cast of colourful local characters on the way. “I was asked by a lot of bystanders why I was making the music video here in Limerick – Limerick is a vibrant, beautiful, creative city with a deeply ingrained sense of community spirit – the video shows that, and ‘Closed Book’ speaks to the person who is blind to it.”

Closed Book is the single from Emma Langford’s debut album, Quiet Giant Quiet Giant is due for release on the 18th of October 2017 across all online platforms, buy or download from https://emmalangfordmusic.bandcamp.com/ 


Director: George Hooker
Producer: Balsha Raich; Collider
DOP: Matt Rogan Glitch Wizards (thanks guys!): Sean Rose; Mark Murphy
Starring: Limerick City
More videos from George Hooker: http://www.georgehookerfilms.com/

Irish singer-songwriter Emma Langford’s debut album, Quiet Giant is out now! The album showcases ten tracks, set against a stunning backdrop of strings, percussion and piano. The songs dance lightly between genres, weaving a coming-of-age narrative that explores love, heartbreak, and wrestling with self-doubt.

Quiet Giant lands as Emma embarks on a tour including a gig at Dolans Warehouse in Limerick in December. Emma’s group consists of Tadhg Murphy on violin, Hannah Nic Gearailt on keys and vocals, Peter Hanagan on double bass, Ray Yrure on percussion and Alec Brown on cello and vocals.


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