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Goodbye Hawaii

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Emma recently released her summer single Goodbye Hawaii across all digital platforms. Check it out on Spotify, buy it on Bandcamp or watch its shiny new music video directed by Limerick’s Shane Serrano, and filmed at Nenagh Arts Centre

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Quiet Giant

In October 2017 Emma Langford’s debut album Quiet Giant was released, along with a music video to promote the album’s dark, strident folk-rock single, Closed Book. The video showcases her hometown of Limerick City, its beauty spots and characters.
The record remained in the independent Irish charts and in national radio playlists for several weeks following its release, and continues to receive considerable airtime on national and international radio, truly securing the young artist’s place as a firm fixture of the national music scene. 
Following the album’s release, Emma was invited to launch it internationally with Germany’s Irish Folk Festival tour, receiving rave reviews and breaking tour records for CD sales.
Langford’s sound however is made to be heard live, with a natural tone and resonance that is truly breath-taking – and razor-sharp wit to boot. 

Emma’s debut album Quiet Giant is available on iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp and most other online platforms, as well as being stocked in Zhivago, Galway; Tower, Dublin; Steamboat Limerick; and Golden Discs, Cork. 

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