Lime Tree Theatre presents Emma Langford and Friends  

 Emma Langford and Friends – Emma pictured above will perform in the Lime Tree Theatre, Friday, April 9. Picture by Sean Curtin/True Media 

Lime Tree Theatre presents Emma Langford and Friends  

Emma Langford will be playing via a live online stream from the Lime Tree  Theatre as part of ‘Into the Stream, Online Session’.

The local Limerick artist, renowned for her beautiful take on Irish folk music will be performing to a virtual audience as part of the Lime Tree Theatre. ‘Into the Stream, Online Session’. The event will go live on Friday, April 9, 2021.  

Through her music, Emma celebrates trad and folk genres in her composition, with performances delicately interwoven with jazz, pop and theatrical nuance. A singer with a profound respect for her instrument, Langford risked losing her voice to vocal nodules at a young age. Only in her early twenties, after rigorous vocal therapy and training, Emma was ready to share and hone her abilities. Her voice is now hailed as a crystalline treasure in the Irish music scene.  

In 2017 Emma completed her MA in community music at the University of Limerick while meanwhile creating her debut album ‘Quiet Giant’, before embarking on a whirlwind world-tour that took her right up to 2019.  


2020 saw less action on the travel front for Emma. That same year, Emma released her second album ‘Sowing Acorns’, meaning that in the short space of four years she has written and independently released two highly acclaimed full-band records. Not only this, but Emma is also set to take on the role of Aedan Cara the last Princess of Ireland, in the new musical ‘Colours’, which is directed by Charli Eglington.  

Emma looks forward to returning to life on the road but in the meantime, welcomes the opportunity to share a stage with her friends and bandmates this Spring by delivering renditions of the songs from ‘Quiet Giant’ and ‘Sowing Acorns’ at the Lime Tree Theatre. With a full complement of musicians and vocalists, Langford takes to the Lime Tree Theatre stage to present a specially curated selection of her self-penned creations and renditions of popular favourites 

Gill Fenton, Marketing Manager at the Lime Tree Theatre commented, “We are so delighted to be in a position to present our third concert this year as part of our Into the Stream, Online Sessions series. There is a real appetite at the moment for our audiences to engage, knowing we can’t present them with a live programme our digital programme at least is the next best thing. We were completely overwhelmed with the response to Defying Gravity, A Musical Celebration of Women last month and it encouraged us to power on and keep going.”   

Gill added, “For April we invited Emma Langford to perform on the Lime Tree Theatre stage for the very first time. It has been such a pleasure to watch Emma’s success grow nationally over the past number of years. We are excited to have her as part of this series with a full complement of musicians and vocalists in the Lime Tree to present a specially curated selection of her own songs and renditions of popular favourites. The stream will go live at 8 pm on Friday, April 9th.”  


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Emma Langford to star in new musical ‘Colours’ 

Emma Langford Colours musical – Emma pictured above is taking on the role of playing the last Irish Princess in the new musical ‘Colours’

Emma Langford to star in new musical ‘Colours’     

Limerick singer Emma Langford is taking on the role of playing the last Irish Princess in the new musical ‘Colours’, written by English writer Charli Eglington.   

‘Colours’ follows the story of Aedan Cara, the last princess in Ireland who lives in Crodherg, an old forgotten island. It celebrates long lost Irish culture and mythology, capturing both the power and the haunting sensitivity of Irish music. Aedan’s life soon takes a turn for the worst after her beloved island is invaded and her father is murdered. Aedan must now embark on an epic journey in a bid to save her people. It is a journey of great self-importance for Aedan that ends in epiphany.  

Emma is known for her amazing take on singing folk music. Her two previous albums ‘Sowing Acorns’ and ‘Quiet Giant,’ brilliantly capture this. Her previous singles include her refreshing take on Janis Ian’s At Seventeen’ and ‘Birdsong’. In 2018, Emma won the RTE Radio 1 award for the Best Emerging Folk artist and in 2020 was also nominated for the Best Folk Singer award, which is also hosted by RTE Radio 1. Emma’s musical talents do not end here, in 2019 she was the very first recipient of the Dolores O’ Riordan music bursary, which was established to support a Limerick professional musician to develop their career. With such talent regarding folk music, it is clear that it was an auspicious decision for Emma to be cast as Aedan Cara in ‘Colours.’  

Commenting on her new role, Emma said, “I love Aedan; she reminds me of myself when I was younger, a little more naive and eager to see the best in people. She has all the strength and courage I wish I had. I think she’s a really great new hero to add to the growing canon of fierce warriors and princesses – Charli’s written a wonderful character.”   

Unsurprisingly, the play will be released as a concept album rather than a live show since plays cannot go ahead with recent COVID restrictions. The play is written by Charli Eglinton, a twenty-one-year-old musical artist from England. In February 2020, Charli was named as one of four international winners of the 2020 NMI New voices project, displaying new musical theatre by under 25-year old’s in Hollywood.   

Emma also added “I’m excited to be part of this project in its development stages, to get to see it grow and evolve and build momentum. I’ve been quietly dreaming for a while of going into voice acting and musical theatre, but it felt a bit ridiculous because it’s so far from what I do as a singer-songwriter; I’m so enjoying learning new things about my voice and getting back to my theatrical roots.”  

Emma initially started out in drama as an avid member of the University of Limerick’s Drama Society and performed in several plays over the years saying, “Theatre has kind of been a pipe dream for me, I wasn’t sure I’d actually be able to pursue it and now here I am doing a musical. It’s a dream come through!”


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Emma Langford shares cover of Janis Ian’s ‘At Seventeen’ 

Emma Langford At Seventeen single is out now!

Emma Langford shares cover of Janis Ian’s ‘At Seventeen’ 

 On a golden afternoon in April 2020, as the dust began to settle on Ireland’s latest Covid restrictions and case numbers, Emma Langford threw open the curtains, sat on her bed, and shared a version of beloved ballad At Seventeen – a simple home-video of the singer and her guitar that invited the listener to sit and breathe for a moment, capturing the imagination of her followers and drawing many new fans to her work.   

Her post on Twitter simply read: “I get asked to do this song at nearly every wedding or pub gig ever and this is my first time sitting down and actually giving it a go”.   

As views for her video continued to rise, requests appeared in the comment section for Langford to try her hand at other Janis Ian songs; She later recorded a version of Ian’s “Tea And Sympathy” which was also well received.   

In August, Emma was contacted directly by Janis Ian herself, extending an invitation to be part of a collaborative project she was working on. In an effort to build a global community and to spread a bit of joy, this musical icon of the 1970s was asking emerging and established artists to interpret a new song of hers called “Better Times”. Janis had been steered towards Emma by Philadelphia-based broadcaster, Sean Timmons.   

“I genuinely thought it was just a clever, well-targeted scam – especially when the e-mail opened with “Dear Emma, My name is Janis Ian; I’m a singer-songwriter with a pretty active Facebook page…” – the real Janis Ian hardly thought I didn’t know who she was? Anyway, it really was her, obviously, and we got chatting – we’ve been emailing over and back since – and to cut a long story short a copy of my album [Sowing Acorns] now lives in Janis Ian’s house, and she’s given me her blessing to release her beautiful song!”  

At Seventeen was one of two tracks arranged and recorded by Emma Langford for RTÉ Radio 1’s hit show Sunday With Miriam. Langford worked remotely with instrumentalists Ann Blake, Lucia MacPartlin and Ben Wanders, with all musicians recording their parts separately at home. Drummer and engineer Ben Wanders created an initial mix for radio broadcast that captured the atmosphere of a real live studio performance. Chris O’Brien and Graham Murphy then came on board to finish production on the track to release it as a single.   

O’Brien and Murphy worked with Emma in producing her 2017 album Quiet Giant and more recently, Sowing Acorns. After hearing her performance on RTÉ Radio 1’s Sunday With Miriam, the Grammy-nominated duo contacted Emma and suggested they team up once again on producing the track for its official release.   

“Ever since April last year I’ve gotten a bunch of requests to actually release a recording of the track, but I was worried about all the legal issues around releasing a cover of another artist’s work, and I didn’t know if it was something Janis herself would be comfortable with… At last in January I plucked up the courage to ask her if it would be okay for me to release it, and she came back to me to say she’d be so happy knowing there was a version by me out there.”  

“I feel a connection with the song; I was an awkward teen myself, so singing it is totally cathartic, and I’ve loved putting my own stamp on it and sharing it with the world, giving it another breath of life. At Seventeen was released by Janis in ’75 and it rings true in ’21 – I’m sure a kid out there could hear something in these lyrics today that tells them they’re not alone. It’s a perfect, timeless song about the trials of adolescence.”  

The artwork for the single, which features a photo of Emma taken by Conor Kerr, was designed by Clare-based creative Myriam Riand. As with all of Langford’s work, care and consideration went into the presentation of her work: “I wanted an image that complements the halcyon charm of the track, that lovely warm, slightly fuzzy sound – like a vintage record; and something that honoured the style of record artwork typical of 1975 when the song first came out.”   

With the issue of gender balance back in the spotlight in the music industry right now, this release could not be more timely. Janis Ian and her management had to be creative in 1975 in how they marketed and promoted At Seventeen – the song was being marketed towards women, but radio stations were dominated by men. Over the course of a gruelling six-month campaign, Ian featured on every daytime TV show possible, copies of the song were sent to program directors’ wives; and eventually, Ian landed a spot on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson which pushed the song over the line, making it a hit. It was nominated for five Grammy Awards, the most any female artist had ever been nominated for at the time, and won for Best Female Pop Vocal.  

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Emma Langford dedicates new release to those in Direct Provision 

Emma Langford helps Doras Luimni with all proceeds of a new festive release going towards the organization this Christmas

Emma Langford dedicates a new release to those in Direct Provision

Emma Langford is on a roll this past week, having received the first ever Dolores O’Riordan bursary, she then went on to release her newest track, a version of ‘Scarlet Ribbons’ in collaboration with Ger O’Donnell, with all proceeds going towards Doras Luimní to help all those in Direct Provision this Christmas. 

Emma’s rendition of ‘Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair) was recorded alongside Ger O’Donnell and all proceeds from the track which can be bought digitally (link below), going to Doras Luimní, a local organisation helping the 550 plus people who will be spending this Christmas in direct provision centres in Limerick . 

Just last week, the mother of The Cranberries’ frontwoman Dolores O’Riordan presented Emma with the first-ever Dolores O’Riordan music bursary established in memory of her late daughter. 

The award was established in October following discussions between the local authority and the O’Riordan family as to how best to honour and commemorate Dolores.  

It was agreed that The Dolores O Riordan Music Bursary would be established to support a Limerick professional musician to develop their career.


 In total 11 bursaries were presented by the Mayor of the City and County of Limerick Cllr Michael Sheahan. 

The panel welcomed the high quality of the applications and made the following recommendation that Emma Langford (Singer-Song Writer) be awarded the bursary.  

Since first bursting onto the scene in 2016 she’s hardly taken her foot off the pedal, with an eye-watering ever-growing tour schedule and frequent collaborations up her sleeve. The artist has received consistent praise from national and international media and audiences alike.  

This bursary will provide funding to cover ongoing production for her second album, due for release in 2020. It will contribute to the costs of a music video, for her recently released single, The Winding Way Down to Kells Bay, and support writing for her next record. 

Speaking of Emma, Noel Hogan from the Cranberries said, “Dolores would be so happy and proud that she’s been an influence on the next generation of brands”. 

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Dolores O’Riordan Music Bursary awards Limerick musician Emma Langford €4,000

Dolores O’Riordan Music Bursary awards Limerick musician Emma Langford €4,000

Limerick singer-songwriter Emma Langford has become the first Limerick musician to be awarded the inaugural Dolores ORiordan Music Bursary, receiving €4,000.

The bursary was launched this year after being set up by Dolores’family, with help from Limerick City and County Council. The winner is picked out of numerous applicants and the award aims to help Limerick musicians with their career, such as producing music videos, recording, publicity and more.

Emma Langford is a folk singer from Caherdavin, who launched her career back in 2016 and since then, has risen to international recognition, appearing at the Snug Stage at Milwaukee Irish Fest back in August.

Emma commented on the award, saying, “I still don’t really know what to say, except that I’m grateful and really humbled to be the first recipient of this award which will help me to finish work on my second album and start working toward my next one. Thank you to all in Limerick Council responsible for making this decision; I have no doubt it was a difficult one, and I don’t take it lightly”.

Emma released a single over summer, called ‘Goodbye Hawaii’, with the video reaching nearly 10,000 views on YouTube. She recently released her single ‘Winding Way Down to Kells Bay’ last September.

The award will be put towards funding her second album, which is due for release next year, along with contributing to costs for her upcoming music video and support the writing for the next record. Emma released her first album, ‘The Quiet Giant’, back in 2017.

Two other bursaries were also announced, both in the area of film and both worth €8,000.

Crude Media has been awarded one of the bursaries to make their short film ‘Imbas Forosnai’, directed by Shane Serrano and featuring local spoken word artist Shane Davis.

Award-winning freelance filmmaker Grace Quilligan has also been awarded the €8,000, to help fund her film ‘In Memoriam’. 

Councillor Olivia O’Sullivan said, “Congratulations to Emma Langford awarded the inaugural Dolores O’Riordan Music Bursary 2019, and to Crude Media and Grace Quilligan awarded the Limerick Short Film Bursaries 2019. We are blessed with hard-working and hugely talented creatives in Limerick and I welcome this support from the Council for our artists.”.

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Emma Langford returns back to Limerick to support Kate O Donnell

Emma Langford returns back to Limerick to support Kate O Donnell

Emma Langford has rallied the support of musicians local and national for a very special hometown show to raise vital funds for Kate O’Donnell at Na Piarsaigh GAA Club on Friday night, November 22, 2019.

Kate was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer in December 2018 at the young age of 27.

Emma is a singer-songwriter from Limerick in the South-West of Ireland. The artist has received consistent praise from national and international media and audiences alike, The Irish Times commented Emma Langford is a treasure in Ireland’s music scene.

Now the Caherdavin-born singer will take to the mic with friends at Na Piarsaigh GAA Club for a special concert in aid of former camogie star Kate O’Donnell. All profits on the night will go to cover the costs of treatment for Kate O’Donnell. 

Emma said, “Kate is only a couple of years younger than me. To know that a girl who has her whole life ahead of her needs help instantly, it was a cause I wanted to be a part of.”

Katie’s clubmate, Kate Campbell is very grateful Emma’s is participating and said, “for such an amazingly talented musician to wants to give up her time like that is just a testament to her as a person.”

The cancer Kate has called Fibrolamellar which affects only 1 in 5 million people worldwide and that is a rare liver cancer usually occurs in adolescents and young adults who have no history of liver disease.

Kate now needs access to a licensed treatment called Atezolizumab, unfortunately, Atezolizumab is not licensed for her specific cancer because it is so rare that HSE is not covered. 

Now the Atezolizumab treatment costs €5,845 per vial and Kate will need one vial every 3 weeks for the next two years. That will be at a personal expense to Kate and her family.

The fundraising committee – which includes Limerick hurler Shane Dowling’s father Paddy and former council candidate Pat O’Neill – are hoping to sell 500 tickets for the gig. 

For more information on the event and to buy a ticket, call 087-2074693.

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Mayoral Reception Presented to Three Inspiring Limerick Women Who Are Making a Difference by Raising Awareness for Mental Health

Pictured at the Mayoral Reception in the Limerick City Chambers are Claire Flynn, Limerick Mental Hospital, Dr Jennifer McMahon, University of Limerick, Cllr Daniel Butler, Mayor of the Metropolitan District of Limerick, Emma Langford, singer-songwriter, Valerie Dolan of Dolans Pub, Sr Helen Culhane, Children’s Grief Centre, and Phil Mortell. Picture: Conor Owens/ilovelimerick.

Mayoral Reception Presented to Three Inspiring Limerick Women Who Are Making a Difference by Raising Awareness for Mental Health

By I Love Limerick Correspondent Sinead Fitzgibbon


On Monday, April 1 Daniel Butler, Mayor of the Metropolitan District of Limerick held a Mayoral Reception at City Hall to honour three inspiring and driven Limerick women, specifically for the work they do regarding mental health.

Daniel told I Love Limerick why he chose Emma Langford, Dr Jennifer McMahon and Sr Helen Culhane, ‘It is about honouring three women who are doing something special in Limerick. What combines them all is their connection to mental health advocacy and in a practical way, also music as well combines all three of them.’ 

Singer-songwriter Emma Langford lingers in that liminal space between folk, jazz and traditional Irish nuance. Valerie Dolan, owner of Dolans Warehouse, Limerick spoke kind words about Emma at the reception saying ‘She has given so much, she has worked harder than any musician in this city, she has given more of herself, more for women, more for charities. It is great to be able to know Emma because she is one of the success stories.’

Emma Langford said ‘When you grow up in the city it means a lot when your mayor recognises the work you’re doing and your friends and your family get to be there and be part of it so it is really special.’ In October 2017, her debut album Quiet Giant, described by The Irish Times as “an enduring piece of work”, was released. She is currently touring the world while working on a second album which she hopes to release by the end of the year.

Dr Jennifer McMahon plays many important roles within the city. She is the chairperson of Limerick Mental Health Association, a singer-songwriter, a published researcher and a lecturer in Educational Psychology & Inclusive Education at the University of Limerick. Jennifer said ‘It is an absolute privilege to be recognised by your own city for the work that you do, so I am hugely honoured.’ Limerick Mental Health Association (LMHA) was set up by a group of community leaders in 2002. LMHA promotes positive mental health across Limerick City and County. Jennifer is extremely proud of how far they have come as a group saying ‘We have really grown as a board it is a fantastic organisation with a great team of people there’.

Sr Helen Culhane, Limerick Person of the Year 2017, founded the Children’s Grief Centre in 2009 and it has been providing support services for school-aged children and young people affected by loss through death, separation, and divorce in Mid-West Region. Sr Helen Culhane said ‘It is very humbling to be honoured in this way, I was delighted to be here with Emma and Jennifer, two amazing women, and it was lovely to be able to share in that. I am overwhelmed to be quiet honest’ Children’s Grief Centre has slowly been getting the recognition that they deserve. Helen said ‘It is wonderful for the Children’s Grief Centre because we are planning to build a new Children’s Grief Centre so this is great exposer, I am hoping many people will come on board and help us financially to realise our dream to build a new Children’s Grief Centre.’

Mayor Daniel Butler said ‘What they are doing just beyond mental health is they are making Limerick society that bit better through volunteerism, through work, through their music, through their art form, so I am hugely grateful for them and the opportunity to honour them is a great honour for me’.

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Emma Langford Launches Debut Album at Dolan’s Warehouse

Emma Langford launches debut album Quiet Giant at Dolan’s Warehouse.

Award-winning artist Emma Langford performed at Dolan’s Warehouse on December 2nd for the launch of her debut album, Quiet Giant

Following the huge success of her 2016 self-titled and crowd-funded EP praised by Hotpress Magazine as “almost angelic”, Emma Langford returns with her debut album, ‘Quiet Giant’. The album showcases ten tracks, set against a stunning backdrop of strings, percussion and piano. The songs dance lightly between genres, weaving a coming-of-age narrative that explores love, heartbreak, and wrestling with self-doubt.

Ahead of her 2017 tour kicking off, Emma was delighted to be awarded Best Female at The Pure M Awards 2017 in August.

Langford is a singer-songwriter from Limerick city. Her vocal style blends Irish lilt with folk and jazz, and her guitar work delicately complements an intuitive sense of melody; she has woven a sound which Phil Coulter describes as “a breath of fresh air”. Her wry and insightful penmanship combined with a cheerful stage-demeanor prove to create an engaging live presence.The young artist has supported internationally recognized artists such as Ron Sexsmith, Declan O’Rourke, Roisín O and Hermitage Green to name but a few. 

Emma has just arrived home to Limerick after travelling to Germany and Switzerland with the Irish Folk Festival this winter. Her debut album, Quiet Giant was released in October.

Pictures by Dolf Patjin/ilovelimerick

Emma Langford new single ‘Closed Book’ from forthcoming debut album, Quiet Giant.

Closed Book is the single from Emma Langford’s forthcoming debut album, Quiet Giant.

“Closed Book”, the new single from Emma Langford’s debut album Quiet Giant, is a dark, bold and boisterous anthem, differing from the easy-listening ambience of much of Langford’s work. The track displays exciting hints of dance, folk and rockabilly. 

“Lyrically, the song is a middle-finger to the guy who goes about their day so caught up in their own self-importance that they never fully appreciate the world around them; blind to the beauty of the small things, and the kindness of the people surrounding them,” Emma tells me.

The video features Emma taking a journey through her beloved home city Limerick, meeting a cast of colourful local characters on the way. “I was asked by a lot of bystanders why I was making the music video here in Limerick – Limerick is a vibrant, beautiful, creative city with a deeply ingrained sense of community spirit – the video shows that, and ‘Closed Book’ speaks to the person who is blind to it.”

Closed Book is the single from Emma Langford’s debut album, Quiet Giant Quiet Giant is due for release on the 18th of October 2017 across all online platforms, buy or download from 


Director: George Hooker
Producer: Balsha Raich; Collider
DOP: Matt Rogan Glitch Wizards (thanks guys!): Sean Rose; Mark Murphy
Starring: Limerick City
More videos from George Hooker:

Irish singer-songwriter Emma Langford’s debut album, Quiet Giant is out now! The album showcases ten tracks, set against a stunning backdrop of strings, percussion and piano. The songs dance lightly between genres, weaving a coming-of-age narrative that explores love, heartbreak, and wrestling with self-doubt.

Quiet Giant lands as Emma embarks on a tour including a gig at Dolans Warehouse in Limerick in December. Emma’s group consists of Tadhg Murphy on violin, Hannah Nic Gearailt on keys and vocals, Peter Hanagan on double bass, Ray Yrure on percussion and Alec Brown on cello and vocals.


Emma Langford EP proceeds to go directly to the homeless

Limerick folk singer-songwriter Emma Langford is set to donate all the profits from online sales of her EP to homeless services around the city.

This is in direct response to the death of a young homeless woman, Louise ‘BuBu’ Casey whose body was found near the basement of a derelict building in the city.

“I’ve always really felt for our homeless. I’ve tried to give what I can, when I can, but this year I was especially struck by the death in November of Louise Casey – I didn’t know her, but I so easily could have. She wasn’t too different in age to me; I could have been in school with her or worked with her. It felt close to home. It’s never far from my mind – at Christmas time in particular when we’re all running around having the craic and buying presents – that men, women and kids have to sleep rough, in doorways and bus stops, in the freezing cold.” expresses Emma.

Emma continued to say how: “We’re in a crisis that the government should be addressing, but they’re not, and honestly it’s starting to feel like they just don’t care about people – actual real people – anymore. So we as people of Limerick and of Ireland have to be kind to each other when we get the chance.”

Emma released her EP back in June of this year and has since gone on to play sold-out shows throughout Limerick with her EP received widespread acclaim.

Emma Langford’s group consists of Clint Fitzgerald on piano, percussion, lapsteel and guitars, Karl Nesbitt played bodhrán, bouzouki, and flute, and Peter Hanagan performed the double bass.

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