Emma Langford Releases Quiet Giant on Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl

Emma Langford’s debut album Quiet Giant will soon be available on 12″ vinyl. As of this week, fans of the artist and collectors of vinyl can pre-order their copy of the Emma Langford Limited Edition Vinyl of debut album Quiet Storm released of the debut album.

Emma Langford Limited Edition Vinyl of debut album Quiet Giant released

Emma Langford is a singer-songwriter from Limerick city. Her unique vocals combines Irish lilt with folk and jazz, along with her guitar work which amplifies her profound sense of melody; Langford created a sound that Irish musician Phil Coulter describes as “a breath of fresh air”. Her wry and insightful penmanship combined with a cheerful stage-demeanour prove to create an engaging live presence. This can be perfectly heard on her debut album Quiet Giant soon to be available, Emma Langford Limited Edition Vinyl

Since entering the live music scene in 2013 Emma has been gigging throughout Ireland both solo and with a host of musicians. Emma has made appearances in some of the country’s foremost venues such as Limerick’s Dolans, Dublin’s Whelans, St James’ Church in Dingle; and at festivals such as Electric Picnic and the Doolin Folk Festival and is now branching out through her this new tour to Germany and Switzerland. But in the end of last year Langford end the year with her debut album Quiet Giant and she continues to wow us by starting off 2018 with the release of Emma Langford Limited Edition Vinyl.

Langford posted on social media saying she was “excited” about this next step for her debut album Quiet Giant “Not only do you get to own the songs on lovely black lacquer, but you also have a great big beautiful, full-colour piece of Jacob Stack artwork to proudly display in your home”. 

The album artwork was created by Donegal native and some-time Limerick resident Jacob Stack and evokes a suitable sense of mystery and intrigue perfectly fitting the sound of the album. 

Lay hands on the Emma Langford Limited Edition Vinyl of the debut album Quiet Giant by pre-ordering on Emma Langford’s online store on Bandcamp right NOW

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Emma Langford new single ‘Closed Book’ from forthcoming debut album, Quiet Giant.

Closed Book is the single from Emma Langford’s forthcoming debut album, Quiet Giant.

“Closed Book”, the new single from Emma Langford’s debut album Quiet Giant, is a dark, bold and boisterous anthem, differing from the easy-listening ambience of much of Langford’s work. The track displays exciting hints of dance, folk and rockabilly. 

“Lyrically, the song is a middle-finger to the guy who goes about their day so caught up in their own self-importance that they never fully appreciate the world around them; blind to the beauty of the small things, and the kindness of the people surrounding them,” Emma tells me.

The video features Emma taking a journey through her beloved home city Limerick, meeting a cast of colourful local characters on the way. “I was asked by a lot of bystanders why I was making the music video here in Limerick – Limerick is a vibrant, beautiful, creative city with a deeply ingrained sense of community spirit – the video shows that, and ‘Closed Book’ speaks to the person who is blind to it.”

Closed Book is the single from Emma Langford’s debut album, Quiet Giant Quiet Giant is due for release on the 18th of October 2017 across all online platforms, buy or download from https://emmalangfordmusic.bandcamp.com/ 


Director: George Hooker
Producer: Balsha Raich; Collider
DOP: Matt Rogan Glitch Wizards (thanks guys!): Sean Rose; Mark Murphy
Starring: Limerick City
More videos from George Hooker: http://www.georgehookerfilms.com/

Irish singer-songwriter Emma Langford’s debut album, Quiet Giant is out now! The album showcases ten tracks, set against a stunning backdrop of strings, percussion and piano. The songs dance lightly between genres, weaving a coming-of-age narrative that explores love, heartbreak, and wrestling with self-doubt.

Quiet Giant lands as Emma embarks on a tour including a gig at Dolans Warehouse in Limerick in December. Emma’s group consists of Tadhg Murphy on violin, Hannah Nic Gearailt on keys and vocals, Peter Hanagan on double bass, Ray Yrure on percussion and Alec Brown on cello and vocals.


Emma Langford Releases Music Video for The Seduction of Eve

Emma Langford has released a new music video for single, The Seduction of Eve

The up-and-coming Limerick artist Emma Langford released the music video for The Seduction of Eve following her EP launch at Dolans on June 18.


The 26-year-old Caherdavin songwriter and guitarist first entered the local music scene in 2013, showcasing her unique jazz-folk style of music and guitar playing. She quickly gained a following from her frequent performances at various open mic nights in the city and university venues.

Emma’s EP is filled with mesmerizing, versatile material to suit all tastes and styles.

Other songs aside from the stunning The Seduction of Eve featured on the new release are Closed Book, Tug O’ War, You Are Not Mine, Goodbye Hawaii and All You Want.

The band features Clint Fitzgerald on piano, percussion, lapsteel and guitars, Karl Nesbitt on bodhrán, bouzouki, and flute, and Peter Hanagan on the double bass.

Describing the record, she said: “Through our choices of instruments, rhythms, the songs I’ve written, and my own vocal nuances we’ve somehow managed to fuse elements of Irish, Latin, folk and blues music within the six tracks. This EP definitely showcases my lyrical, vocal, and musical range. It’s at times fun, at times a tearjerker and, at others, introspective.

“Every track is very different in terms of tone, genre, and the themes it explores. I’m really looking forward to everyone having a different favourite song,” she enthused.

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Emmas EP is now widely available here

Check out Emma’s new music video Seduction of Eve as well as her youtube channel here

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Emma Langford Launches Debut EP Upstairs at Dolan’s, Limerick

A packed Dolan’s pub hosted the launch of Emma Langford’s debut EP with live performances from Emma Langford and band, with support from the talented Nile St James.

Emma Langford debuts EP at Dolans Limerick
Emma Langford debuts EP at Dolans Limerick.
Pictured above Nile St James warms up the audience.
Picture by Cian Reinhardt/ilovelimerick

Emma promised a performance that would be mellow yet containing high energy to keep the sold-out room entertained for the event, and the acts on the night certainly delivered.

“I’m finding it hard to absorb it all! The EP and the launch have been a good half a year in the making, so it’s hard to believe it’s all done! Onward now to the next thing,” Emma commented on the release of her EP.

Taking to the stage at 9.30pm Emma’s childhood friend and talented singer Nile St James, along with a guitarist and backing vocalist, warmed up the thronged room in the Upstairs venue of Dolan’s Pub in Limerick City.

After playing a half hour set, Nile St James and band ended their set to rapturous applause followed by greetings and kind words from the audience as they made their way off stage.

After a short intermission, the main act made their way to the stage, Emma Langford accompanied by a violinist, cellist and a drummer. Emma, herself on guitar and vocals, as she set a tall glass of water down beside her for the night ahead.

The crowd fell silent through each song before erupting at the final note…

The performance was exactly as she described, a mixture of lower melancholic

Emma Langford debuts EP
Emma Langford debuts EP at Dolans. Picture by Cian Reinhardt/ilovelimerick

sounds and some more upbeat tracks that feature on her self-titled debut EP.

Entranced by a beautiful voice and soothing music, the crowd fell silent through each song before erupting at the final note of each as the young Limerick singer-songwriter entertained between songs with often humorous anecdotes and quips about the compositions she was about to play.

The following day, Nile St James showed his appreciation for Emma and her work on social media, saying, “What an amazing night. Congratulations to Emma Langford for such a beautiful evening. Had the time of my life supporting you in Dolans. Looking forward to the next gig.”

Emma has recently launched her music video for her song ‘The Seduction of Eve’, which you can watch below.

You can find Emma’s youtube channel here.

You can find out more about Emma on her official Facebook Page.

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Photos by Cian Reinhardt

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Emma Langford launches Crowd-Funding Campaign

Young Limerick singer-songwriter Emma Langford has just launched a public funding campaign to help fund her upcoming project: a six-track EP set to be released this summer.

Emma, who launched the campaign earlier this week, aims to raise €3,000, which will go towards production, artwork, promotion and a music video. As of Wednesday, March 23, Emma had raised €861.

“I have managed to save a little money myself to put toward the EP but it just isn’t enough, and I really want to put my best foot forward. Unfortunately in the world of music as in any other you get what you pay for, so producing a quality record costs money,” Emma told.

The tracks are set to be “diverse in theme and in style” according to Emma.

Emma Langford
Emma Langford –
Photo: Emily Gale

“The six tracks will feature a range of instruments, including violin, viola, piano, bodhrán, flute, bass and guitar. The whole EP has come to have a very Irish vibe to it across the board, just in terms of some of the rhythms we’ve decided to play around with, and the instruments we’ve chosen to work with, but we’ll be very much staying true to my own sounds of folk and blues,” revealed Emma Langford. She complimented the collective of artists she worked alongside, saying they were a “fantastic” group of people.

Emma hopes that her forthcoming EP will be “a good indication of who I am as an artist”. She hopes her upcoming track will open up festival and concert gig opportunities

You can reach her public funding campaign via her social media fan pages.

Have a listen to some of Emma’s originals here on Soundcloud

Find Emma’s public funding campaign on Facebook here

Find her newly released single here

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