Look, ye know yourselves. Nothing much to see here right now.

If you’d like to support Emma, you can tune in to her virtual sing-song every Friday at 7pm on Facebook. Each post will come with a paypal link, where you can buy your “ticket” for this special event. 

Irish tour dates for 2020 to promote Emma’s new album Sowing Acorns are, at present, going ahead. These will be announced soon. 

All Tour Dates for Germany in 2020 are Canceled due to Covid-19 – please stay tuned for rescheduled dates in 2021, and an exciting tour announcement for 2022 


German tour dates for 2021: September 15 to October 3 

For European/international booking enquiries (other than UK) please contact Petra Eisenburger, Concert Connections at

All Tour Dates for the UK in 2020 are canceled due to Covid-19, we hope to reschedule all dates for 2021.

For enquiries please contact Jean on 

Visit Emma on Twitter or Facebook 

Bookings (IE/UK):

Bookings (Germany):

Concert Connections

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Tel. +49 (0)171 4926236